What to expect when hiring portable toilets for a building site

What to expect when hiring portable toilets for a building site

Hiring portable toilets for workers to use when on a building site may not be the first item on your project preparation list, but it’s certainly an important one to get right.

There are several factors to consider when looking at portable toilet hire for building sites, not least the cost of doing so. Even though budgets may be tight, there’s no avoiding the fact that site worker access to fully working toilet facilities is a must.

What to consider when hiring portable toilets for a building site

  • How many toilets you will need on site

    The number of portable toilets you need should be relative to the size of the workforce; we recommend a ratio of one toilet unit to every seven workers.

  • How long will you need to hire them for?

    The minimum hire period for Rabbit Toilet Hire units is two weeks.

  • What facilities and toiletries are provided?

    Rabbit Toilet Hire units each come with the following:

    – forearm length sinks
    – a cold water foot-pump feed
    – liquid soap dispensers
    – flushable paper towel dispensers
    – a recirculating flush system to reduce water requirements
    – biodegradable toilet paper

  • What are the eco credentials of your toilet hire supplier?

    As part of our commitment to be as environmentally friendly as we can, every aspect of our service is provided with the best sustainability practices in mind. For example, this is why our toilet paper is biodegradable.

  • How often will the toilet unit(s) be serviced?
    Toilet servicing, which is required to maintain cleanliness, will be carried out once a week and toilet paper and hand soap will be replenished. This once a week servicing is included in the weekly toilet hire charge.

    There will be an additional charge for a one-off midweek clean, but if the toilets need to be cleaned regularly, you might find it more cost-effective to have an additional toilet instead.

  • Can the toilets be easily delivered to site and is there a suitable place for them to be sited?

    Stable and even ground must be available for placement of the toilet and it should be placed within 10 metres from the roadside for servicing. In order to ensure the site entrance is the correct size for access, you may find it useful to know that the size of the Rabbit Toilet Hire delivery truck is as follows: width 2.5m; length 7m; height with Toilet on 3m.

    If you are concerned about the size, location or suitability of the area you have available for your hired toilet units, please feel free to give a member of our team a call to discuss.

  • Is your site within the geographical operating area of the supplier or will you pay extra for out-of-area delivery and servicing?

    Rabbit Toilet Hire portable toilet units are available for delivery to building sites across Sussex – from Chichester up to Horsham, across to Sharpthorne and down to Newhaven.

    Our toilet hire prices for building sites are from £26 per unit, per week. This price includes your weekly service clean. The location of your building site will dictate any transport costs associated with delivering your toilet units.

Portable toilet hire for building sites

From portable toilet hire for large building sites and construction projects, to one-off toilet hire for work carried out on a property which doesn’t have toilet access, Rabbit Toilet Hire has the right solution for you.

For more information on portable toilet hire contact our friendly team today on 01903 851957 or email info@rabbittoilethire.co.uk.