Outdoor Event Planning Checklist

Outdoor Event Planning Checklist - Toilet Hire

Planning an outdoor event can be both thrilling and overwhelming. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to lose track of the details. Fear not! Our checklist is here to ensure you cover all bases for a seamless and memorable event.

1. Define Your Vision and Objectives

Start with the basics: what are you hoping to achieve? Understanding the purpose of your event shapes every decision you make, from the choice of venue to the activities you plan.

2. Budgeting: Your Financial Blueprint

Create a detailed budget that includes all potential expenses, from space hire and toilet facilities to catering and entertainment. A well-planned budget is your best defence against unexpected costs.

3. Venue Selection: The Perfect Backdrop

Choose a venue that aligns with your event’s scale and vibe. Consider factors like accessibility, capacity and whether the space can accommodate your layout needs.

4. Toilet Hire: Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to outdoor events, the adequacy and quality of toilet facilities can greatly impact the overall guest experience. Ensuring that your event is equipped with enough portable toilets, considering the layout, and planning for maintenance are key factors in providing comfort and convenience to your attendees. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Determine the Right Quantity: The number of toilets you’ll need depends on the size of your event and its duration. A common guideline is to have at least one toilet unit for every 100 guests. However, for events lasting more than a few hours, or where alcohol is served, increasing this ratio will help avoid queues and enhance guest comfort.
  • Strategic Placement: Toilet units should be placed in locations that are easily accessible yet not in immediate view of dining areas or central gathering spots. Consider the flow of traffic and try to position toilets in several locations around the venue to reduce congestion.
  • Accessibility Matters: Ensure that there are toilet facilities accessible for guests with disabilities. These units should be clearly marked and located on stable, level ground to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids.
  • Plan for All Weather Conditions: If your event spans multiple days or is subject to variable weather, make arrangements to ensure that the access paths to the toilets remain navigable. Wood chips, gravel, or temporary walkways can prevent muddy conditions.

By giving thoughtful consideration to these aspects of event toilet hire, you’ll significantly contribute to the overall success and enjoyment of your outdoor event. Comfortable, clean, and accessible toilet facilities are a mark of a well-organised event, reflecting positively on the hosts and organisers.

For more insight into hiring toilets for your event, read our blog: What to expect when hiring portable toilets for an event. 

5. Licences and Permits: Keeping it Legal

Depending on your event’s location and nature, you might need various permits, especially for music, food service and if you’re setting up in a public space. Check local regulations well in advance.

6. Food and Beverages: Catering to Tastes

Whether you’re planning a food truck rally or a formal dining experience, consider your audience and the event timing. Don’t forget about guests with dietary restrictions.

7. Entertainment and Activities: Engaging Your Audience

Choose entertainment that matches the theme and energy of your event. From live bands to interactive workshops, ensure your activities cater to the interests of your attendees.

8. Staffing and Volunteers: Your Event Dream Team

Assess your need for staff and volunteers early in the planning process. Consider roles for event set-up, guest services, security and cleaning up.

9. Security and Safety: A Top Priority

Develop a comprehensive safety plan. Consider the layout, crowd control measures, emergency exits and first aid arrangements.

10. Marketing and Promotion: Spread the Word

Use a mix of social media, email marketing and traditional advertising to build excitement and draw attendees. Tailor your message to your target audience for the best response.

11. Accessibility: Inclusive Event Planning

Ensure your event is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. This includes accessible toilet facilities, parking and seating arrangements.

12. Environmental Considerations: Plan Green

Think about the environmental impact of your event. Opt for sustainable practices like recycling stations, biodegradable utensils and minimising waste.

Wrapping Up

With this checklist in hand, you’re well on your way to organising an outdoor event that’s not just enjoyable but also smooth and stress-free. 

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