Portable Toilet Hire – Your Questions Answered

Portable Toilet Hire - Your Questions Answered

The hiring of portable toilets, as with most aspects of construction site or events management, requires the right levels of consideration, in order to be sure that not only does the cost fit your budget, but also the facilities meet your requirements.

As such, it’s always a good idea to have all your questions answered, before you make the decision to hire your toilets.

Our customers regularly ask us about our Sussex toilet hire services – and rightfully so. There are plenty of things which you should be on your checklist, to be certain that your portable toilet hire will be straightforward and not cause any added issues further down the line.

What makes us stand out from the competition is the care and consideration which we have put into all aspects of our toilet hire. In this blog, we explore the different aspects of toilet hire which you should bear in mind, in order to be sure you’re making the right decision.


Location is an important factor to consider, when choosing your toilet hire company. Check that you won’t be paying through the nose for transport costs imposed by a company which is a long distance away. A local toilet hire company can prove to be much more cost effective.

The area we cover stretches from Chichester, in West Sussex, up to Horsham, across to Sharpthorne and down to Newhaven in East Sussex. Included within this area is the county of Brighton and Hove. We do charge for delivery and collection, depending on the distance from our depot, however, this information can be obtained at time of hire enquiry.

Another important aspect of location is the area in which the portable toilets will be placed. They can only be put on stable and even ground for safety reasons. They should also be located within 10 metres from the roadside, so that servicing can take place. Our Sussex toilet hire lorry should also be able to get onto your site and will need an entrance which exceeds width 2.5m; length 7m; height 3m.


Care for the environment is important to us at Rabbit Toilet Hire and this is why every toilet hire service and facility is carried out in the most environmentally friendly way.

For example, we use biodegradable toilet paper and flushable paper towels, a night light which uses rechargeable batteries and is perfect for use at evening events, where requested, while all cleaning products are eco-friendly and waste is disposed of responsibly.


Our Sussex toilet hire prices for construction projects are from £26 per unit, per week with a minimum hire duration of 2 weeks.

This price includes your weekly service clean, where toilet paper and hand soap will be replenished. Competitive prices for toilet hire for events are available on request.

The location of your building site will dictate any transport costs associated with delivering your toilet units. Please ask a member of our team for more details.


The number of portable toilets you need should be relative to the amount of people who will be using them. Health and safety recommendations for construction sites suggest a ratio of one toilet unit to every seven workers, based on a 40-hour working week.

For special events, we recommend one unit per 100 people over a weekend hire period, however, if there is food and drink available, then more should be considered.

We also have a number of toilets set aside for use at events only and these will be available for your requirements, depending on the time of year. It’s best to try and book early if you can.

The minimum hire period for Rabbit Toilet Hire units on construction sites is two weeks (most other companies hire toilets for a minimum of four weeks). For events, it is as and when the toilets are required. The period of hire will be agreed with you when you make your booking.


We always do our best to offer a fast response time for the delivery of our portable toilets and at present, we have an estimated response time from request to delivery of approximately 48 hours; however, if we are in the area, it could also be the next day.

To find out more about our Sussex portable toilet hire prices, the services we provide and how soon we can get facilities to your site, get in touch with a member of our team today.