The Benefits of Choosing The Right Toilet Hire Company

The Benefits of Choosing The Right Toilet Hire Company

Whether you are managing a construction site, or planning a local event, choosing the right portable toilet hire facilities can make all the difference. We’ve helped many customers in the West Sussex, East Sussex and Brighton & Hove areas for several years, by providing high-quality toilet facilities at the standard rates. But that’s not where the benefits end.

Find out more about the many plus points there are to be had from choosing the right temporary toilet hire company.

First-class toilet hire

As we mentioned above, at Rabbit, we are committed to providing our customers with first class portable toilet facilities, priced at the standard rate for portable toilet hire.

So ,what is it that makes them first class? It’s the fact that every consideration has been given to comfort and cleanliness.

These facilities include more room to manoeuvre, forearm length sinks with a cold-water foot pump feed, liquid soap dispensers and flushable paper towel dispensers

Environmentally friendly toilet facilities

One of the biggest issues to consider, in addition to sourcing a portable toilet hire company for construction sites and events which does the job right, is to give real consideration to environmental effects. Our portable toilet hire services are environmentally friendly because, as well as coming with a recirculating flush system to reduce the water requirements, we also provide biodegradable toilet paper, which is replenished and serviced on a weekly basis.

Cost-efficient toilet hire company

It’s no secret that providing the right washing and toilet facilities for a construction site or event can be very expensive to buy.

That’s why, when you hire portable toilets in West Sussex, East Sussex and Brighton & Hove from us, you only pay the standard rate – despite benefitting from the added quality.

When you choose the right portable toilet hire company you benefit from:

  • Professionally installed, high quality, fully-serviced equipment
  • Extra quality at no extra price
  • Environmentally friendly facilities to support your project
  • Excellent levels of customer service to ensure you get what you’re looking for

How to choose the best toilet hire company

To find out more about our portable toilet hire services, and to arrange a free site visit, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01903 851957, email, or leave us a message here.