construction site essentials one call does all

The success of any construction project is mostly all in the planning. Proper planning is the best way to ensure that the construction project itself will run as smoothly as possible.

While you might want to get started straight away, getting things right in the initial stages, by conducting the relevant risk assessments, for example, is vital – not only for the success of the project, but also for ensuring the safety and security of your equipment, the site itself and those working on it.


One of the most important factors, when setting up a construction site, is to establish the perimeter of the area where the work will take place, and set up barriers to ensure any unauthorised people can’t enter it. This will keep members of the public safe and help to protect the site from crimes such as trespassing, vandalism, criminal damage and theft.

Fences aren’t always able to keep people out, however, so setting up temporary or more permanent building site CCTV solutions can give you the peace of mind that you need.

Multiple cameras can be set up to send detector activated alerts to a central station for a 24/7 response to keyholders, who can then inform the police if any criminal activity is occurring. Rabbit and Dowling can deliver construction site security systems such as these all over the UK, with next day delivery an option, where required.


When setting up a building site, it’s important to consider the needs of the people who will be working on it. One of the most important things to ensure is that toilet and hand washing facilities are available – and a perfect solution is portable toilet hire. Some building sites can be quite remote, so not only will you minimise workforce downtime while staff access facilities, but you’ll also ensure the comfort of your workforce at the same time.

Rabbit’s portable toilets are available for hire across Sussex. They come with forearm length sinks with a cold-water foot pump feed, liquid soap dispensers and flushable paper towel dispensers. And because we care about the environment, our portable toilets also come with a recirculating flush system to reduce the water requirements and biodegradable toilet paper, which is replenished on a weekly basis.


Every construction site requires the right tools for the job and that includes having the correct plant equipment for the work required. In the construction planning stages, take the time to explore the wide variety of plant hire for commercial building projects there is available.

At Rabbit and Dowling, whether you’re lifting, excavating, clearing, or compacting, we’ve got a machine that can get the job done. We can even carry out free site visits, where our team of experts will visit your site and recommend exactly the type of plant hire you need to get you up and running safely.


As you can see, at Rabbit and Dowling, we can help with the majority of your construction site planning. From security requirements and onsite facilities, to a wide range of plant hire equipment, one call does it all. For more information about our construction site essentials, get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.