A Day in the Life of a Toilet Hire Service Technician

day in the life toilet hire technician

When it comes to portable toilet hire, you might not give much thought to what goes on behind the scenes to keep those facilities clean, hygienic and functioning well. Meet Trevor Watts, the unsung hero at Rabbit Toilet Hire, who puts an incredible amount of effort and dedication into making sure your experience is as pleasant as possible. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to maintain portable toilet units, you’re in for an insightful read.

A Morning Routine Like No Other

Trevor’s workday kicks off at 7:30am, when he arrives at the yard to discuss his round for the day. Equipped with a lorry featuring a 1000-litre tank – 600 litres for waste storage and 400 litres for clean water – Trevor embarks on his route to provide essential servicing. It’s not just a job for Trevor; it’s a mission to deliver a level of quality and hygiene that makes Rabbit Toilet Hire stand out in the industry.

Tools of the Trade

Contrary to popular belief, the bulk of the cleaning isn’t done by a power wash. Trevor actually cleans the toilets by hand, using a bucket of water and a brush. Why? Because attention to detail matters. During this cleaning process, which usually takes 10-15 minutes per unit, he also replenishes essential consumables like biodegradable toilet paper, hand towels and liquid soap. Should any mechanical issues arise, be it a faulty flush or a non-working soap dispenser, Trevor sorts those out too.

Health and Safety: Non-Negotiables

Dealing with waste and chemicals, safety is paramount. Trevor dons his personal protective equipment, including gloves and occasionally safety glasses, ensuring he adheres to the highest health and safety standards. This practice is especially crucial when using a pump, which acts much like an industrial vacuum cleaner, to remove waste and replace it with clean water.

Overcoming Challenges

Navigating around obstacles to get within 10 metres of the toilets is Trevor’s biggest challenge. Whether it’s manoeuvring around skips, buildings or hedges, Trevor manages these logistical difficulties with the utmost professionalism. Moreover, Trevor occasionally faces the peculiar issue of retrieving foreign objects, such as bottles and vapes, that find their way into the toilet systems, sometimes requiring manual removal.

Wrapping Up the Day

By about 3:30pm, Trevor returns to the yard to empty the waste tank into a larger container, ready for collection by an external company. He then restocks his lorry with clean water and fresh consumables, prepping for another busy day ahead.

Trevor: A Team Player

Cleaning up to 30 toilets per day and possibly also collecting toilets from customers on his route, Trevor is a crucial member of the Rabbit Toilet Hire team. Liked and respected by his peers, he embodies the high standards to which the entire company aspires. Trevor’s dedicated work ensures that toilets are serviced every seven days, without fail, come rain or shine.


Next time you use a portable toilet at an event or building site, take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication that go into keeping it clean and functional. At Rabbit Toilet Hire, we take immense pride in offering quality facilities and it’s dedicated professionals like Trevor who make it all possible. 

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