How much does it cost to hire portable toilets?

How much does it cost to hire portable toilets?

Have you found yourself asking how much does it cost to hire portable toilets? The answer lies in first asking yourself what it actually is you’re looking for.

If good quality, clean and environmentally friendly facilities, as well as competitive rates, are what you need from your portable toilet hire, then it’s important to take the time to consider the real extra cost in going for the cheapest solution you find.

Having facilities which are substandard means unhappy portable toilet users which can lead to complaints – so, whether it’s an event, or a construction site that you need them for, could this be the true cost of portable toilet hire?

What is it that you need portable toilet hire for?

Our toilet hire prices for construction projects are from £26 per unit, per week with a minimum hire duration of 2 weeks. This price includes your weekly service clean.

Transport costs will apply and this will be calculated depending on the delivery/collection location stated at your enquiry stage.

There will be additional charges if you request a one off midweek clean but if this becomes a regular request then we usually recommend an additional toilet rather than an additional clean, as this would work out to be more cost effective.

Our portable loos are available for a range of requirements, from building site portable toilet hire, to hand washing and toilet facilities for special events or one-off toilet hire for works being carried out at a domestic dwelling, where there isn’t access to the facilities.

Whatever the reason why you need toilet hire, one thing should remain the same and that’s the quality.

Toilet Hire For Events

Using portable toilets at events, such as concerts and festivals, is traditionally not thought of as the most pleasant of experiences and the quality and cleanliness of them can help set the tone for the rest of the event.

Poor facilities hint at poor planning and saving cost over customer experience.
The cost to hire portable toilets shouldn’t just be about saving on your budget, but about making the right impression among those attending your event.

For this reason we take pride in ensuring our portable toilets are in good condition, clean, well stocked and pleasant to use.

Prices for toilet hire for events are available on request.

Portable Toilets You Won’t Avoid Using

Even if the toilets are located on a messy building site and you aren’t too fussed about what people think about them, having comfortable facilities can only make for a happier workforce. Each unit benefits from:

  • forearm length sinks;
  • a cold water foot-pump feed;
  • liquid soap dispensers;
  • flushable paper towel dispensers;
  • a recirculating flush system to reduce water requirements;
  • biodegradable toilet paper;
  • replenished and serviced on a weekly basis.

Portable Toilet Hire Prices

Rabbit Toilet Hire offers a quick and easy portable toilet hire service in Sussex. Our area stretches from Chichester up to Horsham, across to Sharpthorne and down to Newhaven.

Weekly portable toilet hire for construction sites is available for a minimum of two weeks, while weekend portable toilet hire for events comes with added extras, such as solar powered night light and a scent disc to take away any unpleasant odours.

To find out more about our portable toilet hire prices, the services we provide and how soon we can get facilities to your site, get in touch with a member of our team today.